Raymond Lewis Squad Wins at Under Armour Elite 24

By Eric Domingo

At Venice Beach, California the Raymond Lewis Squad defeated Marques Johnson Squad 164-138, at the seventh annual Under Armour Elite 24 contest.

The Under Armour Elite 24 contest is a basketball event that features 24 of the nation’s top high school players. Players were selected based on their performances during the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) tournaments and national summer camps by ESPN high school basketball experts.

No. 3 ranked player in the recruiting class of 2013 Julius Randle, lead the Raymond Lewis Squad with 27 points on 13-of-14 shooting. He was helped out by teammates No. 6 ranked Aaron Gordon and  No. 2 ranked Aaron Harrison. Gordon had 25 points on 12-of-18 shooting, with seven rebounds, and Harrison had 25 points.

Randle plays for AAU team Team Texas Titans in Piano, Texas. Harrison plays for the Houston Defenders in Richmond, Texas. Gordon plays for the Oakland Soldiers in San Jose, California.

Randle, Gordon and Harrison all won MVP honors, with Marques Johnson’s Squad player Justise Winslow, who scored 21 points.

Winslow is ranked No.11 in the recruiting class of 2014. Winslow plays for AAU team Houston Hoops in Houston Texas.

Although all these players received MVP honors, it was Randle who was the talk of the contest. He’s been among the top 3 players in the country and really puts on a show everytime he steps on the court.

Randle amazed fans with his performance in the Under Armour Elite 24 dunk contest. He defeated Canadian sophomore Jamar Ergas, with a behind the back dunk. Randle received a perfect score in the first and second round.

Randle is still deciding between what college he plans to attend. He’s receiving offers from Kentucky, UNC, Kansas, Texas, NC State, Baylor and others. After the Texas star won the dunk contest, he stated that he plans to narrow his selection to 9 or 10 schools, but has not disclosed when.




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