Seton Hall Basketball: Recruit Aquille Carr Arrested For Assault

By Eric Domingo

If you’ve seen Aquille Carr on Youtube, you would think he’s an amazing athlete and a family man. In his latest Hoopmixtape on Youtube, he was seen with his family, right before his video highlights. He has just fooled many with his arrest two weeks ago.

On August 18 Carr was arrested with charges of assaulting the mother of his child, Treshonda Williams. The Baltimore star is being accused of throwing his former girlfriend to the ground outside a Baltimore trade school. Williams claimed that he kicked her in the back and punched her in the head and face. After the incident, she also claimed she rushed from the scene in the Baltimore PG’s car.

Carr paid a $50,000 bail, but the arrest could ruin his basketball career. If he’s convicted, the Seton Hall recruit may kiss his high school season and collegiate future goodbye.

Although Williams claimed Carr beat her, police photographs that were taken at the scene, showed no proof of injury to Williams’ face or back. The mother of Carr’s child refused all medical attention at the scene.

Late that evening, Carr competed in the Under Armour showcase game. Surprisingly, the previous actions with Williams didn’t throw off Carr’s game. He scored 56 points just hours after he was released from bail.

It’s amazing to believe that Carr was nicknamed “Crimestopper”. Carr was given that nickname due to the belief that crime would stop in East Baltimore when the 5’7 PG would be on the court. I’m sure his nickname will now change, with his charges of second-degree assault.

Carr may have been one of the top performers at the showcase game, but he did not participate in the Under Armour Elite 24 events on Aug 24 and 25.

The Baltimore Star is still committed to Seton Hall, but it is undetermined what his collegiate status will be after these charges.


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