Student Pregnant by Former High School Coach Todd Boldry

By Eric Domingo

It’s a serious crime when an adult is having sexual relations with a minor. Former coach and teacher Todd Boldry is now facing the consequences with having sexual relations with a 17-year-old student.

Boldry was arrested on Friday August 24, on two felony charges. The former Knox High School (Indiana) basketball coach was arrested for child seduction and official misconduct with a student.

If Boldry is convicted, he will face up to six years in jail for sexual misconduct allegations. The 39-year-old currently faces prelimiary charges of child seduction and official misconduct. He’s accused of having a inappropriate relationship, with a 17-year-old student, on high school grounds.

According to sources, the relationship between the student and Boldry began in fall of 2007. The former high school basketball coach began sending text messages to the victim.

Through the beginning of December to August of 2009, the inappropriate physical conduct allegedly began. Boldry and the 17-year-old student would meet in the school’s training room and act inappropriately. Shortly after, the student stated she became pregnant.

The victims son was born in May 2012 and since then, a DNA test has reportedly proven that Boldry is the father.

I’m truly disappointed in Boldry and the 17-year-old student. It’s the responsibility of the teacher to be a role model to students. Boldry has not paved the way for his younger Indiana students and now faces the ultimate price.

The 17-year-old student should have been more mature. It’s wrong to have a sexual relationship with a teacher and especially wrong to have it on school grounds. A high school is no place to have that kind of behavior.

I hope the Indiana high school students and teachers learn from the mistakes of Boldry and the 17-year-old student. We live in a time where younger and older generations need to act appropriately and set examples for the youths before them.

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