Kentucky Basketball Reports Secondary Recruiting Violation to NCAA

By Donnell Coley

The Kentucky Wildcats have violated recruiting protocol and self-reported the infraction.

Assistant coach Rod Strickland committed an accidental recruiting mistake that caused the school to report a “Level II Secondary” violation to the NCAA, according to Kyle Tucker of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

In the Courier-Journal report,  it says that Strickland was watching film when a recruit came in the room and asked him a question on how to handle a certain situation he was watching.  Strickland committed the violation by answering the player’s question and offering advice in a similar position.

The NCAA defines a secondary infraction as “a violation that is isolated or inadvertent and provides or is intended to provide only a minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage and does not include any significant recruiting inducement or extra benefit.

Kentucky is not going to suffer any sever punishment–such as loss of games or any bans–for the mistake.  However, Strickland had to sit out a couple of practices and was given a letter of reprimand.

Under head coach John Calipari, Kentucky basketball will always be under suspicion from the media and NCAA.  This is well deserved because of the head coach’s track record. In the last two schools he has led, the NCAA has vacated wins–including two Final Fours–for major violations.

Calipari wasn’t involved with this particular incident and it proved to be only a minor infraction. However, you just can’t help but wonder what else we will learn in the future about any illegal activity that happened behind the closed doors of Calipari’s Kingdom.

To be continued?


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