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Are the Indiana Hoosiers the Team to Beat In College Basketball?

The Indiana Hoosiers returned to elite form last season by beating the No. 1 Kentucky Wildcats. This got the Hoosiers back on the map to say the least. Indiana, of course, had a couple of other big wins last year, but regardless, they will most likely start the season as the No. 1 team in the nation.

So does that mean Indiana is the team to beat next year?

Well, all five starters from last year’s team are returning, Indiana had one of the best recruiting classes and the Hoosiers have Cody Zeller. So for the time being, the answer to this question has to be a yes.

Zeller is easily one of the best players in the nation and will challenge for the Naismith trophy all season long. Add Christian Watford and Will Sheehey to the mix and you will have the makings of one of the best front courts in all of college basketball.

Jordan Hulls and Victor Oladipo help make up the back court for Indiana.

Out of all five of these players, the only one who didn’t average more than 10 points per game was Sheehey, who averaged 8.6 points per game.

Then add Derek Elston and Remy Abell to the mix, and not to mention, the great incoming recruiting class, and you will have one of the deepest teams in the nation, which is something a lot of teams can’t say for themselves.

This Indiana team can play offense, and it can certainly play some good defense as well. Zeller may be the star on the team, but there are plenty of players that can put the ball into the hoop on Indiana. Not to mention, plenty of clutch players. Just ask the Kentucky Wildcats about that and I am sure they could tell you how clutch Watford is.

The Hoosiers may be the team to beat, but they will have to play in the brutal Big Ten all season long.


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