NCAA Basketball

The Florida Gators Will Go as Far as Kenny Boynton Takes Them

With Erving Walker and Bradley Beal on the Florida Gators last season, Kenny Boynton still managed to quitely lead the Gators in points. With those two players gone, the team is Boynton’s, which means Florida will go as far as he takes them.

Yes, Florida has an amazing team at every position and a pretty good bench to go along with its starting five, but Boynton is the best player on the team.

His 15.9 points per game last season speaks pretty loudly for this.

However, since Beal and Walker are gone, this means Boynton will have to step up. At the same time, he will most likely get more than 11.5 shots per game. As a result, his points total should go up or that is at least the theory. He shot 44 percent from the field last season, which is pretty darn good for a shooting guard, so he actually should throw up more shots next season because he can actually make them.

What Boynton needs to get better on though, is not being such a streaky shooter. He can do this by not jacking up so many three-pointers. He could simply start settling for two-pointers, which isn’t a bad thing. It is only one less than three for all of those mathematicians out there. So, Boynton needs to not just stand there out on the perimeter. He has a pretty good drive, despite his 6’3” stature.

Boynton is obviously a great player or else he wouldn’t have been the third highest scorer in the SEC last season. Florida is good as a team, but it needs Boynton to perform at a high level to really be great. He needs to take control of the Gators next season because whether if Boynton likes it or not, Florida will go as far as he takes them in the 2012-13 college basketball season.


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