Billy Gillispie: Job Status Shouldn't be the Focus

By Joseph Nardone

Unless you live under a rock(Hope you have an internet connection there), you’ve heard about the Texas Tech and Billy Gillispie situation. Gillispie is accused, by at least 15 current or former players, of making the young student-athletes practice sometimes up to 9 hours a day. And as the days keep coming more reports of NCAA infractions against Gillispie are popping up.

This isn’t his first run in with the universities he has coached for. Gillispie is a couple of DUIs deep in his coaching career and has a history of being a tough coach to play for. Reports are even starting to come out that he has potential assistant coaches flying in for jobs that don’t exist, or promising the ones he has on staff now more prominent roles, only never to fulfill his empty promise.

To make matters even more complicated Gillispie has been hospitalized. The reason for his stay at the University Medical Center, where he has been since being admitted Friday morning, has been supposedly due to high blood-pressure. Texas Tech themselves has been fairly closed lipped on the situation.

Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt said by phone (via ESPN) Wednesday night that he is “very concerned with the information that has come forward in the last two weeks”.  Gillispie and Hocutt were supposed to meet that Friday but the hospitalization put a damper on what promised to be an interesting meeting.

So we know the rumors and the facts. Apparently Gillispie is a “bad guy”. But it’s not like he’s some brand new person to the coaching profession game. The fact that he has made media and radio guys participate in a lay-up line (reportedly not in a fun way) the night before games didn’t raise a red flag is the fault of university personnel.

One can only assume that Gillispie hasn’t lost his job yet because of the hospitalization. Even with that being said, his job isn’t the important issue here. How can one man be given so much power, over and over, when (reportedly) he has no soul and might be one of the most selfish people on the planet.

I’m not here to judge Gillispie as a person. I don’t know him on any personal level and he clearly has personal demons only he has to deal with. But the fact that NUMEROUS universities keep employing him even though he has a reputation for being out of control just boggles the mind.

Reports are still coming out on this situation constantly so this story is as free flowing as there is. But this does lead to a bigger question than what’s wrong with Gillispie or whether or not Texas Tech is going to fire him.

Why, for the love of Sam Cassell, do people keep giving people like him jobs.

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