Austin Hatch Gets Two More Seasons to Play Basketball

By Eric Domingo

Imagine one day that your dream is coming true and then your world suddenly falls apart. After suffering a serious plane crash in June, Austin Hatch is being granted two more seasons to play ball for Canterbury High School in Fort Wayne.

On Friday August 29. the Indiana High School Athletic Association spokesman Jason Willie said that Hatch can play two more seasons.

Hatch who was a Michigan State commit for the Class of 2014, suffered a plane crash on June 24, that took his father, stepmother and two family dogs. His father, who was piloting the plane, crashed trying to land at the Charlevoix airport, not far from their Lake Michigan summer home.

Hatch was in horrible shape, with a brain injury, punctured lung and multiple rib injuries.

He was a junior-to-be at Ft. Wayne’s Canterbury High, but with his injuries, he missed Canterbury’s 2011-2012 season.

As bad as the situation was, Hatch suffered a similar crash eight years earlier. Hatch’s father was flying a plane, that crashed and killed Hatch’s mother and two siblings.

During a phone interview, Hatch promised that he would be on the court with the Wolverines in 2013. He plans to use his scholarship to live the life he and his father always imagined.

As amazing as Hatch’s survivor story is, the past 14 months have been rough. Hatch was released from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago last fall and has seriously improved.

Hatch says there are good days and bad days, but he ultimately misses his family.

Hatch hopes to get his career back and return to his 24 points and nine rebound average, that he had during his amazing sophomore year.

I believe Hatch will get his career back. He ranked 14 in ESPN’s Top Indiana Recruits and 68 in ESPN’s 2014 Top Small Forwards. The kid has talent and now even more motivation. He deserves a second chance to live the life him and his father envisioned.

Canterbury’s first game is November 20. against Central Nobel High School at 7:30pm.





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