John Calipari Unveils New State of the Art Living Facility for Wildcats

By Daniel Stecker

John Calipari has long been considered one of, if not the, most talented and successful recruiters in all of college basketball.  He certainly has a lot to offer recruits. In addition to the perennial contention for a national championship, one of the strongest fan-bases in the country, the most modern facilities, and the recent success of Kentucky players in the NBA draft, the Wildcat experience is certainly appealing to talented high school seniors.  Now, Kentucky has added a new weapon to their heavily loaded arsenal of incentives.

Coach Cal recently unveiled a brand new state of the art living facility for his players, via his website

The name of the new dorm, “The Wildcat Coal Lodge”, stays true to the deep roots of Kentucky history, as so much of the states rich history has to do with the coal industry. The name also caries another meaning.  Coach Cal explains that while visiting a coal mine, he asked one of the workers how they went to the bathroom, and how they all ate lunch. The worker replied that “they all go up together, and they all go down together.” Coach Cal elected to place this quote at the front of the building as he immediately saw the significance of such a quote in terms of teamwork and succeeding as a group.

The irony here of course, is that Kentucky is not going up or down with any other school in terms of recruiting. This new building helped move Kentucky up in the ranking in which they were already leaders. It put them in a league of their own.

The new dorm features single rooms for each player, a private chef, constant access to practice facilities, and numerous game rooms and large screen televisions for the entertainment of the players. Even the mirrors are extra large so that all of the 6-5 and over players can efficiently see their reflection.

It is also impossible for the players to forget the success of Kentucky’s program, due to the plethora of shrines dedicated to Wildcat greats, and previous championships.

Kentucky already had a head up in the recruiting industry. This new facility will certainly only emphasize John Calipari’s reign as the king of the college basketball recruiting world.


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