Billy Gillispie No Longer in Control

By Joseph Nardone

This has been one of the strangest college basketball stories this off-season. Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Billy Gillispie has been under increased scrutinity for the way he’s handled his basketball program. Gillispie also decided that the day he was  to meet Texas Tech AD Kirby Hocutt, would be a good day to call 911 and go to the hospital. Reportedly, Gillispie went to hospital for high blood-pressure and is off on sick leave.

Hocutt has stated that he’s informed Gillispie not “to engage” in the program in “any way” until the two talk face to face about allegations of player mistreatment(via the AP). Basically, Gillispie is not legally fired because according to law, Gillispie can’t be fired while out for medical reasons. Clearly, this is a move in the direction of Gillispie’s demise. Don’t be shocked if he’s canned as soon as he’s healthy enough to meet with Hocutt.

While Gillispie has shown erratic behavior in his previous coaching stops, it seems like his out of control behavior is finally caught up to him. As previously reported, Gillispie has been accused of having his players practice for up to 9 hours, as well as promise assistant coaches more power within his program only to back away from his agreements.

While most of the press has been on the negative side for Gillispie, a former player in Acie Law IV and Kansas Jayhawks coach Bill Self(who was once his boss) has defended him vehemently.

Keep checking in with Rant Sports for all your Billy Gillispie updates. As we all know, this story is never ending.

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