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Will Cleveland Melvin Win Big East Player of the Year?

Jim O’Connor-US Presswire

It’s not often that you can pick a DePaul player as a possible Big East Player of the Year candidate, but Cleveland Melvin warrants that honor. The Blue Demons are improving, and with Melvin leading the show, he could be on his way to stardom.

Melvin has great skills for a big man. He is extremely athletic and explosive. His speed and strength are elite. But his biggest asset is that he’s a powerful finisher. Melvin will score at a high rate around the rim.

Last year, he averaged 17.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks. This year, those numbers will spike. Melvin could be a legit 20-10 guy.

With players like Brandon Young and Moses Morgan around him and Oliver Purnell at head coach, the pieces are finally in place for Melvin to explode. Whether he brings the Blue Demons along for the ride is one thing, but expect him to be more dominant than ever.

It’s hard to say that the Blue Demons are actually contenders in the Big East. Louisville, Marquette, Cincinnati, Notre Dame, Syracuse, and St. John’s all have title aspirations. All of these teams have had success in the conference in recent years, so many experts will pick them over DePaul. That makes them a sleeper pick. I’m not sure if I  like buying stock in them, but I’ll certainly buy stock in Melvin. He’s more of a sleeper, but maybe even a candidate for Big East Player of the Year.


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