Is the Big East Losing Its Dominance to the ACC?

By Marc Jenkins
Is the ACC more dominant than the Big East?
Bob Donnan-US Presswire

When it comes to college football, there is no question that the SEC is by far the most dominant conference around, however, the same can not be said as far as action on the collegiate hardwood. The NCAA Men’s Basketball power is and has been split in between two conferences for quite sometime now; the Big East and ACC.


Both the ACC and Big East have had their share of National Champions, unbelievable conference tournaments, incredible teams and outstanding players, but there has always been a strong debate as to why one or the other is the superior of the two.


Syracuse and Pittsburgh, two of the Big East’s better basketball programs, announced last season of the plans to depart the conference and head to the greener pasture of the ACC which many thought would cripple one conference and make the other much stronger. Now Notre Dame has also decided to do the same as the other two powerhouse programs.


Sure the Big East still will have Connecticut, Georgetown, Louisville, Villanova, Cincinnati, Marquette and St. John’s (who are just getting back to goo program status), but losing those three schools will definitely hurt them. Is this a knockout blow for the Big East? Will the even be room for the debate of which conference is better anymore? Is the Big East going to have to raid Conference USA again or perhaps another one of the top mid-major conferences such as the Atlantic 10 or maybe even the Horizon League just to keep themselves relevant in the world of college hoops?


The ACC will now have two of the best programs of all-time in North Carolina and Duke along with other top-flight schools such as North Carolina State, Maryland, Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia and Wake Forest along with three other schools who fled the Big East earlier this century in Virginia Tech, Miami (FL) and Boston College. The ACC appears that their basketball resume looks even more impressive than that of the SEC’s football conglomerate.


Will the Big East let the schools leave before the proposed 27-month waiting period or will they drag out the inevitable while they formulate some plan of action to retool what will undoubtedly be a much weaker conference sans these schools? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: the ACC Tournament will now replace the Big East Tournament as the one postseason conference tournament that is must-see, can’t miss basketball action!

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