Billy Gillispie: Stress Free for 30 Days Thanks to Doctor's Note

By Joseph Nardone

Oh the twists and turns in the wild circumstances involving Texas Tech Red Raiders coach Billy Gillispie. After returning from his hospitalization at the Mayo Clinic, Gliispie was ordered to be “stress free” for 30 days.

Gillispie checked into the clinic for having high blood-pressure immediately after the scandal involving him not being the greatest human ever broke. Oddly enough, the fact that Gillispie is out with a doctor’s note means Gillispie can’t be fired due to labor board issues. You see, it’s against to law to fire someone while they are ill. What’s apparently not against the law? Making false promises, making players practice injured(not hurt), and just being an awful member of the human species.

Gilliespie, in a damage control move, is having someone close to him leak out information about his “declining” health. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal first reported Gillispie was to avoid stress for 30 days after receiving a text. After a little detective work, the Avalanche-Journal sent a text directly to Gillispie’s phone where the report was confirmed.

This whole situation has wreaked of horribleness from the day it broke. Somehow, Gillispie keeps avoiding the inevitable. So until these 30 days of stress free living is done, Gillispie lives to fight another day. 30 days from now I think the final article on his coaching status will be written. Well that’s unless Gillispie finds another way to avoid his due punishment.

So as of today, the 17th day of September, Gillispie still has a job because he is stressed out by the fact people now know he is the real life equivalent of Patrick Batemen from American Psycho.

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