Aquille Carr: All-Star Point Guard and Seton Hall Commit Deals With Legal Troubles

By Daniel Stecker
Alan Maglaque-US PRESSWIRE

Aquille Carr  may have finally found a problem that he can’t dribble his way out of.

Basketball fans around he country have become familiar with the dazzling point guard from Baltimore,Maryland. His highlight videos on youtube have become viral hits, as watching Carr make defenders look silly is wildly entertaining. Carr is unfortunately learning the hard way that it is much easier to avoid high school defenders, than it is to avoid the law.

Carr was arrested over the summer on domestic assault charges involving his longtime girlfriend and mother of his daughter. Due to the charges, Carr was forced to sit out of the Under Armour Elite 24 game, which is one of the more prominent showcases for high school basketball players in the country.

Getting mixed up with the law can always have a negative impact on an athletes career and can sometimes completely tarnish one. While Carr has clearly proved he has talent, he needs to get himself together legally or his promising career on the court will not turn out idyllic for the young point guard.

Luckily for Carr, an agreement has been instituted stating that the charges will be dropped if Carr completes a certain amount of hours participating in a program that helps deal with people who have been involved in relationship violence. If Carr completes this course to the extent of the agreement, then the charges will be dropped.

That being said, while the charges can be dropped, his reputation remains tinted. Carr is committed to attend Seton Hall While the Pirates will certainly love to have Carr’s prowess on the court, his off the court troubles may be haunting to a college program. If Carr can straighten out this issue, and take the course and have the charges drop, I see no reason why Seton Hall won’t let him start on a clean slate. While his slate is certainly not so clean, if the charges do get dropped, then the news of the assault has potential to pass over time. If not, then Carr is seeing only the beginning of his trouble. Seton Hall obviously has a big decision to make, and no one will know how their department will act until they announce a decision.

For a player who is often compared to NBA legend Allen Iverson , Carr is hoping he can find his own “answer” and find it in himself to fix these legal problems, and continue to wreck havoc on the basketball court on the many levels he has in his future.


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