Billy Gillispie Berates Camper

By Joseph Nardone

And the Billy Gillsipie story just won’t go away. Now reports are coming out that Gillispie took time out of his busy schedule to take his jerk antics to a summer camp for kids. A mother(name redacted) wrote a letter to the Texas Tech Red Raider administration accusing Gillispie of mistreating her child.

The basketball camp was June 24-27 just 2 months before the Gillispie scandal broke. In a letter the mother wrote about her son, “It happens, “That’s the only thing he thought brought on the barrage of insults spurted from the mouth of your coach Gillispie. This was the first of many such verbal attacks.”

Nobody from the Texas Tech administration office replied by the written word but university chancellor Kent Hance did make a personal phone call to address the situation.

The mother did think of pulling her son from the overnight camp but her as well as her husband, both educators, decided not to. They figured their son needed to deal with all types of folk. Even the evil diabolical jerks like Wild Bill Gillispie. The son befriended a few other coaches who actually told him that Gillispie “likes to pick someone and try to “break them’ for some reason,” and that the young hoops player “wasn’t doing anything wrong”. (Quotes were pulled and are credited to

The mother was not done ripping into Gillispie, “Coach Gillispie’s behavior was inappropriate and unnecessary,” the mother wrote. “Our job as teachers is to motivate and educate and empower. It is not our job to attempt to break a child’s spirit through constant insult and negative feedback.”

This just adds further elements to the story that Gillispie was unstable, aloof, and a big-time jerk. While his resignation letter is still fresh on Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt’s desk, this story is still far from over.

The day of his resignation Gillispie did manage to earn some sympathy from national media, due to his health, it will be hard for Gillispie to garner further support if stories like this keep coming out.

Some people said the Gillispie situation is to tough to cover. That because he is sick we shouldn’t be to hard on him.

Well, week 1 of damage control for Gillispie is not going so well. But hey, he made his players practice injured so….

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