Baylor Bears Freshman Isaiah Austin Launching 3's?

By rodneyknuppel
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

It is a fact that Baylor Bears head coach Scott Drew is asking his 7-foot-1 center to step put to the line and toss up shots from the 3-pt line. He may be the only one in the country that is 7-ft that is asked to do this.

How many 7-foot-1 centers will not only be allowed but also encouraged to shoot 3-pointers this season?

Isaiah Austin, a McDonald’s All American, is equipped to handle the duties given to him by coach Drew. Austin will start down low in the paint, but several plays are designed to use his skills that allow him to shoot from long range.

Coach Drew had this to say about Austin:

“And he’s one of the best shooters on our team. I mean, he just really knows how to play, some bigs can bring the ball up the court, but they don’t know how to play in the halfcourt. They run over the help or just turn it over. But he can actually make plays. One of the first times I saw him a few years he ago, he was playing the point.”

Austin is equipped to launch shots from 22 feet and will be called on in Big 12 games to do just the things his coach requires.

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