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Duke University to Integrate iPad into Basketball Program

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Basketball programs around the country often look up to Duke because of their prowess in terms of coaching, recruiting, and perennial national contention. Now universities around the nation can now look up to Duke for their progressions in the field of technology.

Duke has recently become the latest school to integrate the iPad into their basketball program. Many pro teams have already added the tablets to their repertoire, but few collegiate programs have made the transition.

Michigan was the pioneer, becoming the first basketball program to use the iPad, but Duke came shortly after simply because Duke can’t bear the thought of not having the best resources.

The addition of the iPad to Duke’s program raises two questions. One: Did we really need another reason to hate Duke? Two: What are they even going to do with them? I am going to refrain myself from answering the first question and skip to the second one.

Duke is going to use the iPad for the same reason pro teams use it – as a digital playbook, and an overall organizational tool for their players. Clearly, there are people with a lot of money at Duke who want their players to be happy and want high school players to come play for their college.

One of the best coaches in the country AND an iPad? Almost makes it worth it to have every college sports fan in the country hate your guts.

While the iPad is obviously meant to be used as a helpful resource for the players, I would be shocked to hear that the players have not gotten a good amount of recreational use out of the Apple product.

With a number of young rising teams in the ACC, Duke may need all the help they can get. Whether or not this help can come from a 7 inch by 9 inch tablet remains to be seen.

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