Florida: Mike Rosario Set to Have a Breakout Season

By Trevor Lowry

Once upon a time, Mike Rosario averaged more than 16 points per game. However, this was when he played for Rutgers and not the Florida Gators. In Rosario’s first season with the Gators, he only averaged 6.6 points per game, but that was because he also only played 14.4 minutes per game. Well, with the departures of Erving Walker and Bradley Beal, Rosario is in store for a breakout season in 2012.

Nothing is official, but Rosario has a good chance to start alongside Kenny Boynton in the backcourt this season. If this is the case, Rosario will produce much more on offense, for the fact that he will be playing more. However, Rosario is also great from behind the arc and he can also get to the basket.

Even if Rosario doesn’t start though, he will be getting much more playing time in the upcoming season.

Florida was known as a three-point shooting team last year, and it will most likely be known as the same in the 2012-13 college basketball season. The Gators have way too many weapons from outside not to be a good three-point shooting team. This benefits Rosario because this is his best attribute, shooting the long ball. Rosario isn’t exactly the tallest person in the world at 6’3”.

What will really help Rosario in having a breakout season is how good of a team Florida will be. To start the season, the Gators should be ranked in the top-10. Florida has a complete team with a lot of depth, and will have a great shot at winning the SEC title, which will obviously benefit Rosario.


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