Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco Confident

By Joseph Nardone

Nobody tell new Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco that the conference is not keeping up with the big boys. Despite defections, criticism, and a wild transition upcoming, Aresco is confident that the Big East is here to stay. At a luncheon in Chicago Aresco let everyone know exactly what he thought. And let me tell you something, the man believes in his product. (Quotes are credited to Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune)

Mike Aresco “We’re planting the Big East flag in the Midwest and we’re proud to do so.” Aresco on the transition going on in the Big East, “The Big East is in a state of transition. Although we’ve had issues and problems, they create great opportunities.”  He also talked about not wanting to re-brand the conference,  “I don’t want to change our name. We will not change our name. Our name has great brand equity.”

Aresco seems to be just gleaming confidence. I truly believe this man wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror, only for his reflection to wink back at him. Don’t worry there’s more…

Here he is taking a jab at other conferences while talking about football ruling conferences,  “That’s true in some conferences, because their basketball isn’t good.” He also talked about the stability of the conference. I don’t know if he was serious or joking here, “I see stability now on the athletic landscape, I really do.”

Finally, here is Aresco’s pitch to networks for why they should carry Big East programming, “You can have Big East football going from noon to 2:30am.”

Aresco is new to the whole overseeing a conference thing but what he’s not knew at is success. Aresco was previously a CBS Sports exec who helped the network land big deals. While the Big East might be influx at the moment, I think it’s clear to everyone(especially Aresco), that Aresco is the man for the job.

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