New Nike Uniforms Produced for Oklahoma State Basketball


Well, you knew it was coming eventually. The football team has them, the baseball team has them, and now it is time for the basketball team to finally get new uniforms.

The old uniforms were a boring mess. Plane orange, black, or white. They bored the crowd more than the 40-point beating Baylor University handed out last January.

The new contract that Oklahoma State University recently signed the past year with Nike guarantees new uniforms for all major sports.  Nike submitted the plans to university officials back in May and this is what the school received.

From information I have gathered, it appears that these jerseys will come in black (pictured below), grey, orange, and white.  The apparel industry refers to them as “Hyper Elite” performance wear.  The new jerseys appear to have a special series of ventilation slips leading up the left and right outside part of the legs to allow for maximum air flow.

As picture below indicates, the rear side of the jersey will have the player’s name and number as is standard.  There will be a shadow picture behind the lettering denoting Pistol Pete (the universities official mascot), the Edmond Low Library, and above the bell tower, the year 1890 symbolizing the year the university was established.

Vibrant new jerseys can spark crowd interest, get players excited and hyped up, and they can also catch the eye of someone flipping across television channels.  There are many upsides to having new jerseys. Lets hope that for Cowboy Nation, these new jerseys can be the start of a new Travis Ford era.



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