Syracuse-San Diego State Aircraft Carrier Game in Jeopardy

By Joseph Nardone
Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Well Jim Boeheim doesn’t like the Syracuse Orange playing games outside the state before Big East play tips off anyway. First reported by Mark Zeigler, the aircraft carrier game between Syracuse and the San Diego State Aztecs looks like it may not happen. The president of San Diego Sports Commission left the group that was hosting the event. Naturally, the money and the potential sponsors linked with the group vanished with the president.

Tickets for the game, which is scheduled to be held on the U.S.S. Midway, are priced at $1,000 a piece and the capacity for the game was roughly 4,000 seats. Still, the game never sold out and the deal with Fox Sports San Diego to produce and distribute the game nationally is looking weak at best. Fox Sports San Diego, San Diego State, and Syracuse are still searching for sponsors so this game can happen.

Tip off is only a 5 weeks away and the fun event that is an “aircraft” game would be a sad thing to be missed. Nobody is commenting on the situation except for Mac McLaughlin, president and CEO of the Midway Museum.

“I am just starting to hear dribbles (of information),” said McLaughlin.“I know they have had sponsorship challenges. That’s all I know. We’re the Midway. We’re just here to service San Diego State and the game. If there’s a game and we’re playing it on the Midway, we’re here for them.”

The decision on whether the game will happen or not is expected to come out either later today or tomorrow. Hopefully sponsors have found the story and are willing to pony up some money so the game will happen as scheduled. If not, I’m sure Jim Boeheim is secretly happy in the state of New York.

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