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Colorado Basketball Video: Parody of Gangnam Style

Courtesy- BuffVision YouTube Page

The viral song of the summer was Carly Rae Jeppsen’s catchy “Call Me Maybe” and all sorts of teams and cheerleaders made their own parody video of it. It seems that a new song has taken that place and it’s called Gangnam Style.

If you haven’t seen the original video on YouTube then you’re missing out but it’s now sparked a new round of team parody videos. The latest team to try their hand at the song is the defending Pac 12 conference champions, the Colorado Buffaloes.

Haha, oh boy.

There are some real characters on this team and this video just goes to show that. The player that was supposed to be representing Psy (the singer of the original song) is junior guard Jeremy Adams. I’d say he pulled off the look just not the dance moves.

Sophomore PG Spencer Dinwiddie seems to have the most unique personality on the team and he shows it around the :50 second mark and the 2:08 mark. He seems to be the spokesperson for the team due to his outgoing personality but it will be his play on the court this year that will do all the talking necessary once the season starts.

It’s a pretty hysterical video because most of the time the players aren’t even doing the correct moves and it just becomes a giant dance party. I think I saw the ‘party boy’ move more than any of the actual moves in the original video but hey, they’re just having some fun.

This video is just a precursor to the start of the season which officially kicks off on Friday night as Colorado hosts ‘Buffs Madness’.