Can Seth Curry Rise To Stardom?

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Austin Rivers was the main man for the Duke Blue Devils last season. However, with Rivers leaving for the NBA can Seth Curry take over for the Blue Devils and rise to stardom?

Well, he certainly has the skill set to do so. As a freshman, Curry was able to score 20.2 points per game for Liberty. Duke, of course, plays in a much tougher conference than Liberty does, but there is no reason why Curry can’t have somewhat of the same success as he did in his first year of college.

Luckily for Curry, he will be playing alongside Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee. Both of these players will put up a lot of points in the upcoming season, so that will take some pressure off of the go-to guy for Duke.

Curry will finally be playing at his natural position once again, which should result in more points for him. Not to mention, he will be taking more shots in the upcoming season. As a 42 percent shooter from the field, you would expect that Curry would make a lot of his shots.

Last year, the Blue Devil averaged 13.2 points per game, which was the second most on the team. There is no reason why Curry can’t and shouldn’t lead the team in scoring in the 2012-13 college basketball season. Although Duke should have a very balanced attack this year.

Whether the case, Curry has an excellent shot from anywhere on the court, which is why he will thrive at the shooting guard position, and rise to stardom this year.


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