San Diego State Student Wins Car With Half Court Heave at Madness on the Mesa (VIDEO)

By Paul Seaver
Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

Oh sure, Midnight Madness events across the country mark the start of another college basketball season, but as much as they are about the team and its potential recruiting ploy, they too are about the fans themselves.

San Diego State will feature one of the top non-power conference squads in the country this season and as part of Friday’s Madness on the Mesa event, fans got their first look at the 2012-13 Aztecs.

During the event however, one lucky fan got his own opportunity to be the center of attraction, and that he was.

Rallying up the crowd in anticipation of one half court shot, a SDSU student eventually let it fly with the opportunity to win a car if it fell. Well low and behold, that shot went in, erupting the crowd and giving one lucky student a brand new set of wheels.

The team rushed the student after the shot went in as the crowd acknowledged what just happened. While the student must now get back to hitting the books, there is no doubt his shining moment at Madness on the Mesa will be amongst his top college memories.

Take a look at the half court heave:

San Diego State will open the 2012-13 season in their own backyard, well actually their own shipyard, as the Aztecs will take on visiting Syracuse aboard the USS Midway as part of the 2012 Carrier Classic.


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