Syracuse Basketball Fan Stabbed During Midnight Madness

By Marc Jenkins
Syracuse Basketball Fan Stabbed During Midnight Madness
Michael Ivins-US Presswire

Just a few days ago following the despicable display which Atlanta Braves fans put on during the Braves Wild Card Game loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, I wrote a piece speaking on the deplorable behavior which sports fans have recently been exhibiting during games and other sporting events and now once again something unfortunate has taken place at one of these events.

Last night during the annual Syracuse Men’s Basketball Midnight Madness celebration which kicks off the Orange‘s season, an unnamed 25-year old man was stabbed near the concession stands inside the Carrier Dome around 9:30 pm. The victim was taken to Upstate University Hospital and in stable condition according to police Sgt. Tom Connellan following the senseless attack. There is no word yet as to what led to the stabbing and according to Connellan those involved in the incident have no affiliation with the University.

Not only did this one fan endure a violent attack for reasons which are unknown as of this moment but the remaining fans were robbed of enjoying a good time at a beloved event as university officials  were forced to end it approximately a half-hour prior to schedule.

This is exactly what I stated in my article a few days ago; the actions of a few are making it bad for all at sporting events and something needs to be done about it sooner than later. In this case fortunately the victim wasn’t fatally injured but what if he was or something else possibly happens to him due to the stab wound. These type of actions should not take place at these events and truthfully anywhere, but unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world. One question I do have is how did the assailant gain admittance into the Carrier Dome with a weapon in the first place? That is something that truly needs to be examined to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

As I ended my last piece on fan behavior during sporting events, stay classy American sports fans!


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