Seton Hall Pirates: Team Preview

By chrismolicki
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The Seton Hall Pirates are an enigma entering the NCAA basketball season. After losing crucial seniors Jordan Theodore and Herb Pope, not much is expected out of them. However, a plethora of transfers may help the team turn a few heads. I will go over the squad, tell you what’s expected of whom, and give a outlook on the Pirates’ season.

With Sterling Gibbs ineligible this year, the starting point guard void left by Theodore needs to be filled. It will be interesting to see if Aaron Cosby winds up getting the job. Cosby is a sharpshooter who started at the 2-guard spot as a freshman last season and averaged nearly two threes a game. However, he ran the point on the team’s trip to Spain in August and played very well. The Pirates have to find a way to maximize Cosby’s talents. My guess is they start sophomore Freddie Wilson at the point and have Cosby assume his normal role, enabling him to continue to rain threes. Wilson is no Theodore, but he’s a very capable ball handler and should improve after a season under his belt.

Cosby will likely play point at times this season, and when he does, senior transfer Kyle Smyth or sophomore Haralds Karlis will be the shooting guard. Smith is a fifth year senior, and adds defense and three-point shooting, as well as rapport with head coach Kevin Willard. The two where together back at Iona. Karlis was a bench player last year, but should get more of a chance to shine. He can score and provides solid perimeter defense.

The small forward position is going to be occupied by the team’s best player, Fuquan Edwin. Edwin is an incredible athlete: he can shoot threes, get to the rim, rebound, and explodes in the paint. However, his best asset is his defense. He averaged three steals per game last year, and had an absurd amount of tipped passes. The pressure Edwin puts on his man improves the team defense and helps everybody. Transfer Brian Oliver will back him up – the junior from Georgia Tech averaged 10.5 points two years ago, and will be a great role player.

The front-court is occupied by three big men who stand at 6’9″: sophomore Brandon Mobley, junior Patrik Auda, and transfer Gene Teague. Mobley was a revelation last year – he can hit the mid-range jumper, as well as the three-ball, and rebounds physically despite his lanky frame. Auda has certainly improved over his time at the Hall and even more so in preseason. He has become more aggressive down low, but can step out and create matchup problems. As for Teague, he’s huge. A 290-pounder, he’ll get the chance to bang down low with the beasts of the Big East. He will be a huge help for the absence of Pope. Junior Aaron Geramipoor, nearly a seven-footer, should also see time.

Chemistry may be an issue with all of the new players, but the talent and coaching is certainly there. We’re not going to expect too much out of this team, but don’t be shocked if the Pirates have some success either.


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