Bob Knight Scheduled by ESPN to Call Two Kentucky Wildcat Games This Season

By Jared Mintz
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Bob Knight isn’t the first person, and he probably won’t be the last, to have some real negative feelings towards Kentucky head coach John Calipari. However, Knight will have to curb his emotion (I’d like to see that) for at least two nights this coming college basketball season, as he’s been scheduled to do color commentary for two Kentucky games airing on ESPN.

Knight will join Rece Davis at the announcer’s table on January 10 (at Vanderbilt), and March 7 (at Georgia), which instantly makes these two probable blowouts can’t-miss TV.

Knight, who is best known for having the second most wins in Division 1 history as well a horrendous temper, is one of ESPN’s lead Big 10 analysts and will probably be forced to mention Calipari and his team to an extent that will make him very uncomfortable.

Before last season, Knight refused to list Kentucky – who went on to win the National Championship – as an elite team heading into the season, and went as far as to say a former Kentucky team fielded five starters who hadn’t even attended class that semester(which he later apologized for). Knight also has voiced his distaste for “one-and-done’s” and their affect on the college game.

Coincidentally, since taking over at Kentucky heading into the 2009-10 season, Calipari has coached a remarkable nine players who have only stuck around Lexington for one season, including two of the three number one overall picks in the corresponding NBA Drafts, Anthony Davis and John Wall. Calipari has responded to Knight’s criticism of him in the past, pretty much by referring to him as a bitter old man.

There’s clearly no love loss between these two iconic figures of college basketball, and it’ll be interesting to see how Knight behaves himself when he’s forced to add his two cents on a bunch of highly touted freshman putting a rout on some of the SEC’s least relevant teams.

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