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Ashton Gibbs Predicts a “Final Four Year” For Pitt


It’s not very often that you hear about recently removed college basketball players making preseason guarantees, former Pittsburgh guard Ashton Gibbs is putting an end to that.

Gibbs tweeted on Wednesday “this will be a final four year for Pitt…heard it here first.”

Not only did we hear that prediction from Gibbs first, but it’s probably the only place you’ll hear such talk during the preseason.

Coming off of a season where Gibbs averaged 14.6 points per game – which was the lowest he’d posted since his freshman season – the Panthers went 22-17 last season, which is much less impressive when you consider their 5-13 Big East record. They did however, manage to win the CBI (so yes they missed both the National Tournament and the NIT), which was a colossal let down considering they were the Big East regular season champions just a season before.

The Panionios guard was personally let down last season as well, as he was named First Team All Big East in 2011, and went undrafted following his senior season.

Gibbs does have reason to be optimistic for Jamie Dixon’s crew heading into the season, as last season provided valuable experience for youngsters Khem Birch, Tray Woodall, and Lamar Patterson. Tack on top-5 recruit Steven Adams and Pitt has as much potential as anyone not named Syracuse and Louisville heading into this season.

Gibbs also later tweeted that his bold prediction was just his opinion, and that he felt they have all the tools to make the gargantuan run he thinks they’re capable of making. Time will tell, and it will most likely forgive, as Gibbs, and possibly Pitt, will be out of the limelight come March.

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