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Reeves Nelson’s Lawsuit Against Sports Illustrated Dismissed


Reeves Nelson is currently on the Los Angeles Lakers’ preseason roster. Recently however, he has been more infamous for his pending lawsuit against Sports Illustrated. Nelson filed a defamation lawsuit against SI, claiming the article “Not The UCLA Way” inarticulately portrayed Nelson. In the article writer George Dohrmann claimed some weird things. One such claims was that Reeves not only abused fellow teammates but urinated in one of their beds.

Sports Illustrated has released the following statement, “We have stood behind the reporting of our Pulitzer Prize winning writer since day one,” “We are pleased that after reviewing the case, the court agreed it should be dismissed.”

The article in question wasn’t solely focused on Nelson. Among other things covered were the iffy expects of Ben Howland’s UCLA Bruin program. Oddly enough Nelson was dismissed from the program in December of 2011 for “insubordinate” conduct, only 3 months before the release of the article.

Nelson has a strange cult like following with the Lakers. At the moment he is a player who might not even make the roster but the fan base seems enamored by the former Bruin. Whether or not the claims made by Duhrmann adversely effected Nelson’s reputation or inadvertently increased it is not really certain.

Nelson has been considered a misguided(of his own doings) talent who should have done more with his it. Only time will actually tell if Nelson will make it in any fashion in the NBA or if he’ll be forced to take his talents overseas.

One thing is certain, Reeves Nelson at least makes for some free entertainment. I don’t know if I’m rooting for these allegations to be true or not but everyone knows urinating in a teammate’s bed is the best team-building experience ever.

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