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NCAA Basketball

Missouri Basketball: Why the Tigers WILL Succeed in the SEC

Peter Aiken – US Presswire

The upside to Missouri’s move to the SEC:  the Tigers have two of the most talented players in the country in Phil Pressey and Michael Dixon, Jr. They are great at defense and great at offense and solid in all aspects of their game. Missouri, next to Tennessee and Florida, have the most consistent scoring offense to return in the SEC and these players should cause Missouri to put up some impressive numbers this season.

The Big 12 lost one of its better teams when Missouri moved to the SEC and, with the addition of Missouri, the SEC will maintain its steady rise into one of the top basketball conferences in the nation. Every year, more and more teams from the SEC make it to the postseason; Missouri adds another “March-ready” team to the list.

Missouri’s out of conference schedule is not as tough as it could be and expect the Tigers to win a majority of those games. Many SEC teams do not have the defensive talent required to stop Missouri’s overwhelming offense; what remains to be seen is if Missouri’s defense can contain the players from talented SEC rosters.

Missouri is clearly an NCAA tournament bound team and, if they perform up to expectations, could make it deep into the NCAA tournament. After losing to Norfolk State in the first round and biggest upset of the tournament last year, expect Missouri to be out for blood after many considered the Tigers a potential National Championship contender.

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