Connecticut Freshman Omar Calhoun Gives Huskies Hope for Future

By chrismolicki



There will be a Calhoun on the Connecticut Huskies to start the season, but it won’t be former head coach Jim Calhoun. Instead, it will be highly touted freshman Omar Calhoun. Calhoun is stepping onto a Huskies’ team that is loaded with turmoil and needs something to hang onto. He may be that something.

Calhoun has good size for the shooting guard position and is very talented at scoring. He takes what is given to him by the defense and moves well without the ball, often opening up opportunities for himself.

Calhoun has an interesting shot. It has some promise, although it does work well when his feet are set. His quick release is a plus.

With a fast initial burst to the basket, Calhoun can be somewhat of a slasher, although even that part of his game needs work. However, with a good work ethic, Calhoun should certainly get better and better.

The point I’m trying to make is that Calhoun embodies what the Huskies are: a team in transition that expectations shouldn’t be too high for and that needs time to improve. A lot of fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for this season of Connecticut basketball. However, they could get their hopes up for Calhoun.

Even if he doesn’t make a huge impact as a freshman, all he needs to do is show some promise. All the Huskies’ fans need ride now is that something to hang onto, something that will make them feel like times will get better. Calhoun needs to show them that brighter days are yet to come.


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