LSU Basketball: Still Rebuilding, Looking Towards Brighter Days

By Taylor Sturm
Paul Abell – US Presswire

LSU, like Vanderbilt, will be a very weak team in the SEC this year. However, unlike Vanderbilt, the Tigers have a much easier schedule – Marquette being the only great team in their off-season schedule. LSU should win a good five more or so games than Vanderbilt, solely because of the significantly weaker non-conference schedule.

After being fairly good a few years ago, LSU has continued on a steady decline. This season will be the second year for a rebuilding team, but do not expect the Tigers to have a miraculous turnaround. This season, they will be more competitive than the last, but LSU will not be a decent team again until their players are a little older.

Anthony Hickey and Johnny O’Bryant III are talented players, but are still young. The sophomores still need time to develop, and, although they will have multiple spectacular games, cannot carry the Tigers alone. LSU needs to go out and recruit potential big name talent. Like Florida, Auburn, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas A&M have already for next season. Players WANT to come to the SEC to be tested against a vast number of future NBA talented athletes; LSU needs to seek these players out before they get labeled as a weak team and can no longer entice athletes to their school.


Upset Watch: None. LSU will most likely not pull off any upsets, not because the Tigers are not talented, but because they are not to the next level yet. Some of their younger players will have breakout games, but until this team can play as a unit, the outcome for this season is bleak.


Predicted regular season: 9 – 19

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