Texas Tech Red Raiders: E-mails Highlight Billy Gillispie Fiasco

By Joseph Nardone

E-mails obtained by USA TODAY Sports, thanks to the Freedom of Information act, now highlight the whole Billy Gillispie situation for the Texas Tech Red Raider program. Members of the universities Board of Regents were kept up to date about the situation through e-mails sent by Ben Lock, an assistant to chancellor Kent Hance and secretary to the board.

Nothing new was discovered in the e-mails obtained by USA TODAY. There were the allegations of abuse during a summer camp to a child reported by the mother, the marathon practices and also shared through the Internet was when and why Gillispie was being hospitalized.

What’s slightly odd about the Board of Regents keeping up to date through e-mails is that they were using sports websites as their prime source for information. You would think the school would have a more direct line of information coming in than a secondary source.

But, something was uncovered in the e-mails that paints the Red Raider program as not an innocent bystander. One of the biggest claims against Gillispie was the breaking of time restrictions during practice sessions. By rule, a team can practice up to, but not more than 4 hours a day, but not exceed a total of 20 hours a week. Well, thanks to some Texas Tech players, we not only learn that they practiced up to 8 hours but the school was “self-reporting” less time and were a bit shady on the self-reporting itself.

Bubba Jennings, an assistant coach, was responsible for documenting practice times and submitting them to Texas Tech’s compliance office. Not only is it odd that someone, who’s boss is the person they’re watching, is in charge of keeping an eye on him but apparently Jennings doesn’t own a watch.

Players Kevin Wagner and Jaron Nash told CBSSports.com that a practice in early November exceeded eight hours. But according to Jennings and the Texas Tech Athletic Department no such “Marathon Practices” ever happened. But in a move of self preservation, or hand caught in the cookie jar, the Red Raiders have stated that while Jennings was in charge of monitoring practice time HE DID NOT WEAR A WATCH.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Joe covers the Big East and somehow has become besties with Billy Gillispie. Follow Joe on Twitter @JosephNardone

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