Head Coaches Are Held Accountable With New NCAA Rule

By Joseph Nardone

USA Today has come up with some gold regarding head coaches finally being held to a definitive standard. According to new rules, head coaches can’t use “I didn’t know” as an excuse anymore. This move is likely to help the NCAA boost the emphasis on compliance. Whether or not coaches will find new ways(they will) to dance around rules are yet to be seen.

Here are a few excerpts of the rule(excerpts are accredited to NBCSports.com and writer Rob Dauster whom published them earlier).

“A head coach is presumed responsible for major/Level I and Level II violations (e.g. academic fraud, recruiting inducements) occurring within his or her program unless the coach can show that he or she promoted an atmosphere of compliance and monitored his or her staff.”

According to the document, the most serious of infractions will result in an entire season long suspension.

The document also states that a head coach should have their eye on their assistants. Head coaches are now expected(can’t believe they haven’t been) to ask how unofficial visits are paid for and if anyone thinks a third party has a hand in the pot with a potential recruit.

Another fun thing the document talks about is the new “a heightened sense of awareness” that will be expected from head coaches. Because, you know, coaches are only aware if they want to be and unaware when it can cause them or their job security harm.

These new rules are going to be fun to follow. If it had a Twitter handle and gave me updates on possible suspensions and investigations I would follow it immediately. Until then we are just going to have to wait and see how and when the NCAA enforces its shiniest rule.


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