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Missouri Suspends Guard Michael Dixon Jr. Indefinitely

Michael Dixon, Jr.

Peter Aiken – US Presswire

It’s been a great off-season so far for the Missouri Tigers, as they gear up for their inguinal romp in the SEC.

That joy took a major hit on Friday as head coach Frank Haith announced that senior guard Michael Dixon, Jr. will be suspended along with freshman Dominique Bull.  It’s unknown exactly why the two are being suspended, or if they were involved together.  Haith cited a violation of team rules as the reason.

No timetable has been laid out as far as the length of suspensions, but Haith did confirm that both players will at least miss Missouri’s exhibition opener against Northwest Missouri State.

Haith did say that the suspensions have been in the works for “a couple weeks.”  While Bull has been at practice, apparently Dixon has not.  It’s not know if this directly played a role in the suspension.

“I want this to be personal growth time for both these young men,” Haith said.  “I’ve seen some of that from Mike, who has had some time off to work on some academic stuff.  He’s made some strides in that area and I’m really proud of him.”

Dixon averaged 13.5 points-per-game last season, and is widely accepted along with Phil Pressey to be half of the best backcourt in the nation.

“The time frame [of their suspensions] will also depend on the player and their response to adversity,” said Haith.  Haith also noted that the suspensions do not related to anything legal, or associated with any NCAA rules violation.

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