Duke Blue Devils : Cameron Crazies Welcome Jabari Parker in Style

By Daniel Stecker

Duke basketball fans are nationally recognized as some of the most enthusiastic and over-the-line fans in the country. Their most recent act only emphasizes their endless enthusiasm.

On Friday, Jabari Parker a senior at Simeon Career Academy in Chicago who is recognized as a top 2 player in the class of 2013, was visiting the  Duke Blue Devils. Parker recently narrowed his school choices down to Duke, Michigan State, Florida,  Stanford, and BYU. Duke and Michigan State are said to be the frontrunners.

Duke fans are smart and well-informed. They were obviously aware of the major importance of this visit. Rather than taking a back seat and let Coach K work his recruiting magic, the Duke student body acted and came through.

The Crazies spray painted a sign that said “WELCOME HOME JABARI” and hung it up on one of the main buildings on campus.

It is evident that Duke is firing on all cylinders for this kid. While many would think that such a sign has little/no effect on the recruitment, it is important to realize that the little aspects of visits sometimes prove to be extremely key.

When Parker is deciding on where he wants to spend the next four years, he may factor in the fact that the Duke fans went out of there way to make him feel like he was wanted. It’s one thing for a recruit to feel like the coaching staff wants him. It is another when the student body does something like this to show that they genuinely want you on campus.

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