South Carolina Gamecocks Basketball: New Coach, New Season

By Taylor Sturm
Marvin Gentry – US Presswire

The South Carolina Gamecocks are one of the least talented teams in the SEC this season. They have a decent team, but have not been able to entice recruits to come play for them.

South Carolina and new coach Frank Martin have changed that and decided to go after some of the immense homegrown talent with much success. South Carolina must consistently acquire better recruits if they want to move up in the SEC. The SEC gets more competitive every year and South Carolina needs to improve its recruiting classes.

Look to the future because Martin is a great coach, has already started to sign talented recruits and should be able to get this team back into the NCAA tournament mix soon.

South Carolina have Saint John’s Red Storm away and the Clemson Tigers at home and will most likely lose both. The season looks bleak, but with a new coach, this team is rebuilding and will hopefully see results soon.

Player to Watch:

Bruce Ellington. Although the guard is very short, he is extremely fast and accurate. He scores consistently and is one of the best passers in the SEC. Anyone who watches him is reminded of Erving Walker – also an undersized player who was amazing at Florida the last few seasons.

Upset Alert:

None. South Carolina is a decent team, but is one of the weakest teams in the SEC. They will take one or two games from some of the middle of the table SEC teams fighting for NCAA berths, but will not be in the discussion themselves.

Predicted Regular Season: 10 – 18

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