Why the Texas A&M Aggies Will NOT Succeed in the SEC

By Taylor Sturm
Dak Dillon – US Presswire

Texas A&M’s first year in the SEC will be a rough one. The Aggies toughest game before opening SEC play will be against Saint Louis, a team that proved its merit in last year’s win over Memphis (Yes, the same Memphis Tigers that used to be coached by John Calipari).

Texas A&M opens with Arkansas, but their second game after opening SEC play is against the Kentucky Wildcats. The Aggies should lose by double digits; not because the Aggies are not talented, but because the Aggies will not play a team remotely close to the caliber of Kentucky until this game.

Texas A&M is talented, but not talented enough to succeed in an SEC with remarkably strong teams like Florida and Kentucky and teams right on the edge of greatness like Tennessee and Missouri on the schedule.

The Aggies weak schedule works against them. The NIT is possible, but with the strength in the East in the SEC and the “top-heaviness” of the West, the NCAA tournament looks out of reach unless they can pull off a major upset or succeed in the SEC tournament. With the strength residing in the east, it seems there are few chances for a major upset.

Expect the Aggies to be one of the mid-range SEC teams (along with Georgia, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State). A team that, unless the players step up and can produce incredible results, will not make it into March – and may not make it into February – as a tournament bound team.


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