Why the Texas A&M Aggies Will Succeed in the SEC

By Taylor Sturm
Thomas Campbell – US Presswire

Texas A&M’s first year in the SEC will be much easier than Missouri’s. The Aggies play in the western part of the SEC – the obviously weaker faction of the league. Texas A&M only plays Florida, Missouri, and Tennessee once, and the out-of-conference schedule is much weaker than the strong one that Missouri plays. The Aggies do play Kentucky twice, but with the Aggies’ weak schedule, these games will be seen as must win.

Texas A&M’s only real competition in the West are Alabama and Auburn (and possibly Ole Miss). All the other teams in the West will have a tough time even being in the discussion for the NCAA tournament, and will most likely finish far below .500. At the end of the season, Texas A&M should easily be in the top two of the SEC West and slide into the tournament with relative ease.

The Aggies have a talented roster and Senior Guard Elston Turner is the real deal and can carry this team against some of the stronger teams. He’s a great player and if he exceeds expectations, he could be in the All-SEC discussion at the end of the season. In addition to the already talented roster, a strong off-season recruiting class aids this already talented roster and provides great insight into the future of the Aggies basketball program.

Texas A&M has much lower expectations than Missouri in their first season in the SEC, and the low expectations should help keep them level headed and able to succeed in the SEC.


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