UCLA Bruins: Kyle Anderson Sr. Now Says Son is Cleared Via Text

By Joseph Nardone

Okay, this is the final nail in the coffin of the story of a man and his father’s inability to let me relax. As early as a few moments ago, it was reported that UCLA Bruins freshman Kyle Anderson was cleared to play by the NCAA. After a few moments of that update being posted, Kyle Anderson’s father wanted us to know something about his son being cleared to play. Kyle Anderson Sr. told SNY that he wasn’t informed of his son being cleared by the NCAA or head coach Ben Howland.

Well like all awesome stories that won’t die, Anderson Sr. sent a text message to SNY.tv that “He’s been cleared!’. Awesome, thanks Mr. Anderson Sr. for updating us on you not being informed, only to tell us LITERALLY SECONDS LATER, that you have indeed been informed.

So the question has to be asked, did the NCAA drop the ball, and after only seeing reporters go bat poop crazy try and fix it, or was Anderson Sr. a little to pumped to get in the limelight? Well you know you know what answer I’m going with.

This is just ANOTHER(read this to see) example of the NCAA being slow in their investigation process and the informing of student-athletes of their eligibility. As huge of a story it is for college basketball that Anderson was cleared to play for the Bruins, the NCAA needs to be quicker to act instead of reacting to public backlash.

Hopefully for the sake of fellow Bruin under investigation, Shabazz Muhammad, this process is much easier and less painful.


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