UCLA Bruins: Kyle Anderson's Father Yet to Hear Eligibility

By Joseph Nardone
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Okay, so I reported a story mere moments ago where UCLA Bruins incoming freshman Kyle Anderson was cleared to play by the NCAA. But please don’t anyone tell Anderson’s father Kyle Anderson Sr., the NCAA didn’t.

The LA Times broke the story using unnamed family sources that the diaper-dandy was cleared to play this season. When Anderson Sr. was contacted for comment he was as shocked by the news as much as a one night stand participant is finding out that they’re going to be a parent.

“I have not heard it from (Bruins head coach) Ben (Howland), nor the NCAA, so I don’t know,” Kyle Sr. told SNY.tv.(quote accredited to SNY and ZagsBlog where it was pulled)

So one of two things is happening here. The LA Times broke a story with poor sources or the NCAA doesn’t effectively inform parents and student-athletes of rulings on their eligibility. Either way, holy smokes Batman.  Someone needs to tell these people that it’s a kid’s life we are talking about and not whether or not he can buy a video game.

This is yet another example of poor handling by the NCAA. I’ll assume a fine newspaper such as the LA Times had done it’s proper homework on their sources and that the NCAA dropped the ball on the situation.

As for the Bruin fan base, and their collective sigh of breath release, well they are going to hold on for just a little longer. Reports were stated that the news was to come today, but with Hurricane Sandy ravaging the east coast, it’s hard to say where the NCAA’s focus is at the moment.

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