Wisconsin Badgers' Josh Gasser Takes On New Role

By Kelsey Budd
Mary Langenfeld-US Presswire

Josh Gasser spent majority of the summer perfecting his game and securing the starting spot at the point guard position for the Wisconsin Badgers.  Last Saturday, Gasser tore his ACL at practice, meaning he would be spending the 2012-13 season on the bench.

Gasser will be filling a new role this season.  Head coach, Bo Ryan, has assigned Gasser a “coaching internship” where he will be expected to communicate and lead from the sideline.

The loss of Gasser means losing a player that has game experience, poise and the ability to direct his teammates.  Since he cannot utilize these qualities on the court this season,  Gasser feels that he can relay his knowledge to help some of his less experienced teammates transition into the point guard position.

Despite the injury, Gasser is determined to still impact the success of his team.  A season ending injury like this is every athlete’s nightmare, but the Badger point guard has used it as an opportunity to grow.

For Gasser to come back positive after his injury and take a leadership role is a true testament to his character.  He has put aside his own frustrations and has continued to show faith in his teammates.  It is a display of unselfishness; Gasser is a true leader that has put his team first.

Although the bench is not where Gasser intended to spend the season, he will look to take advantage of the new perspective and continue to expand his basketball knowledge in preparation for next season.


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