Arkansas Razorbacks Basketball: Rebuilding with Success

By Taylor Sturm
Marvin Gentry – US Presswire

The Arkansas Razorbacks, like Vanderbilt and South Carolina, are a team that is rebuilding. Arkansas is a decent team every year, but cannot make it to the next level to contend in games that matter. They recruit consistently, as well. The Razorbacks are extremely talented and have what it takes to be a decent team in the SEC in the next few years. The second year coach may be what this team needed to reach the next level, and with six more years on his contract, Mike Anderson definitely has the potential to take this team to a few NCAA tournament appearances. Arkansas’s immediate future is not perfect, but their overall future is bright.

With a rough schedule including Michigan, Syracuse, and Oklahoma along with the normally challenging SEC schedule, Arkansas is going to have a bad season. Most of their wins will come against teams that are far below them in RPI. Arkansas is rebuilding, but not fast enough to have a successful second season for head coach Mike Anderson. He’s a good coach and in the next few years there should be significant progress.

Player to Watch:

B.J. Young. He was consistent throughout the season last year, and along with Mardracus Wade and Marshawn Powell (who all have at least one more year of eligibility) could create an interesting next season. It’s not often players in the SEC play together as long as these three players have and cohesion is important in basketball.

Upset Alert:

There are a few. Oklahoma should lose to Arkansas, but for the biggest upset, expect Arkansas to beat either Missouri or Florida in February.

Predicted Regular Season: 13 – 15

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