Duke Voted as Top Men's Basketball Program

By Daniel Stecker

For the third straight year, Basketball Times has named Duke as the most successful college basketball program in the country.

Every year, The Basketball Times runs a poll that allows coaches from around the country to vote on what they feel is the nations top overall men’s program. While the voters have a good amount of flexibility, there are certain criteria that a program has to meet in order to be considered. For one, for a team to qualify they need to have won two-thirds of their games over the last 10 years. Once that team is qualified, certain aspects of the program such as winning percentage, alumni in the NBA, federal graduation rate, academic reputation, and overall “cleanliness” of the program. (According to The Quad).

Duke clearly matches all of these qualities, which explains why they have come out on top the past three years. North Carolina, Gonzaga,  Davidson, and Wisconsin, finished out the top 5.

The results of this vote shoe that Duke’s reputation on the court as a powerhouse is only matched by their off the court reputation as a program that is built around class, success, and honor. While Duke is one of the most hated schools in the country by non-duke-attending college basketball fans, this hatred most likely stems from the envy that is felt towards the powerhouse that is Duke basketball. The lack of controversy at Duke in addition to their apparent lack of personality on the court, give them the appearance of arrogance and self-entitlement, which is bound to rub fans the wrong way.

The truth is, while the players and coaches may be arrogant and self-entitiled, they have certainly earned the right to be so. Even if they never look like they are having fun, we can only imagine that all of this winning puts them in a good mood.  As shown by this pole, Duke remains the model program for coaches around the country. This only gives us more of a reason to hate them.

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