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NCAA Basketball

P.J. Hairston More Mature as a Sophomore for North Carolina

University of North Carolina sophomore guard, P.J. Hairston is working hard to become a more consistent outside shooter.  Hairston, known for his 3-point shooting ability, was a very streaky shooter last season for the Tar Heels.  One game Hairston wouldn’t miss, while other games he couldn’t buy a basket.

Last season Hairston really had his fans impressed for the first half of the season.  Early on Hairston had numerous games with multiple 3-pointers made.  While making all of these 3’s, Hairston was also shooting a good percentage from behind the arc.

Unfortunately for Hairston and the Tar Heels, they had to play the second half of the season.  In the second half of the season and during ACC play, Hairston struggled greatly.

During this time, he was only able to hit multiple 3-pointers in just three games for the remainder of the season.  This was something he was able to do routinely in the first half.  In total, during ACC play, Hairston shot a miserable 8-50 (16%) from behind the arc.

Hairston admitted that if he didn’t get off to a good start and make his first couple of jump shots, that he would get a bit “rattled”.  If Hairston didn’t get off to the start he wanted to, it would affect his play later in the game.

Hairston’s inconsistency last season encouraged the sophomore to work hard over the summer.  In the offseason he not only worked on his shooting accuracy and consistency, but also his defense, rebounding and ball handling.

Hairston worked on these parts of his game, so when he wasn’t knocking down jump shots he can help his team in other significant ways.

Hairston missed a couple of jumpers early in the Tar Heels scrimmage last week, but he said he knew he had to get back and play hard on defense in order to remain in the game.

In the second half, Hairston was able to knock down consecutive 3-pointers in a 75-second span.  Hairston said he had to try hard not to grin out of happiness after hitting multiple jumpers.

As a sophomore, Hairston said he is more mature then a season ago and knows he has to play with more poise when struggling.  He also realizes that he can provide more to the team then scoring.

UNC will need their young guard to step up and ignite the team this year.


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