College Basketball Suspensions Stacking Up Nationwide

By marcvilas

Basketball players have an incredible sense of entitlement these days. Whether it’s too many club coaches telling them how great they are, too many split homes, “agents” telling kids where to go or over exposure to social media is all debatable and partly all true.

Because of this persona in many players today, college coaches are having to take drastic measures in disciplining players in order to get them back on track. Nationwide we see players being suspended “for violating team rules,” also known as thinking they are more important than the program, or other reasons.

Hofstra had to suspend two key transfers for violating team rules. Taran Buie and Jamal CoombsMcDaniel, who both sat out last season as transfers, have been suspended by coach Mo Cassara for violating team rules. Buie transferred after playing 11 games and averaging 5.4 points for Penn State. Coombs-McDaniel played two seasons at Connecticut and was a member of the 2011 national championship team.

Maryland has had one of its key recruits suspended by the NCAA “based on amateurism guidelines.”  Losing the 7-1 Alex Len for 10 games will be a blow for coach Mark Turgeon.  Len was one of many players, including UCLA‘s Kyle Anderson and Shabazz Muhammad, being looked at this year by the NCAA questioning their amateur status.

Following along these same threads, suspensions at Washington State, New Mexico, Michigan and Iowa State have all occurred in the last week, all involving violations of team rules. More and more coaches are starting to dig into the backgrounds of players and avoiding those with questionable history and unbearable leeches like agents and club coaches. With the NCAA constantly looking over their shoulders and now instituting tougher suspensions, they should be more selective of the players they are trying to bring in to represent their programs.


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