Is James Padgett Ready to Lead Maryland?

By Daniel Stecker

James Padgett has shown over his first three years at Maryland that he can have a huge impact on a game with his hustle and rebounding prowess.

Now, as Padgett enters his senior season, the team will look to him for leadership and stability. As one of the two seniors on the team, and the only senior to ever play at Maryland (Logan Aronhalt transferred from Albany), Padgett can either embrace this role as a leader or he can shy away from it.

Padgett is not the type of player who can take over a game with his skill. He is averaging just over 5 points and 3 rebounds per game over his career. Padgett excels at the intangibles of the game. He tends to do a lot of the “little things” that help a team win games. He keeps balls alive on offense, dives for loose balls, and plays with the perfect amount of confidence that allows him to stay within his skill set and make the most out of his time.

Every successful team needs a player like Padgett. For Maryland, with highly skilled freshmen Shaquille Cleare and Charles Mitchell waiting in the wings, Padgett may see a decrease in his playing time this season.

While Padgett may not have the skills sets of the Terps underclassmen, he has obtained experience playing against the ACC over the past three years. Padgett can implement the knowledge he has gathered and use it to help the young players become adjusted.

Padgett got in trouble with the law just a short while ago, involving a DUI charge, but he escaped the situation without getting in an immense amount of trouble. Padgett will try and move past that situation and look ahead to the upcoming season. There was fear that Padgett was going to be suspended but the charges have recently been dropped. Padgett will attempt to make his teammates and fans forget about the arrest so he can continue to serve as an example.

When Padgett is on the court, his hard work and hustle are extremely admirable. With all of the leadership signs pointing directly to him, Padgett has an opportunity to lead this young Maryland team as they attempt to make noise in the ACC.


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