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Preseason Edition: Big East Power Rankings

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Week 2: Big East Power Rankings

Andrew Synowiez-US PRESSWIRE

We are more than a few games into this season and things are getting interesting throughout the entire landscape of college basketball. Big programs are getting upset, some of the best early season basketball that has ever been played, and NCAA eligibility stories are coming out of the wazoo. This season has been anything and everything with the exclusion of boring.

The Big East Conference is no difference. While there is some outside talk of more teams looking to bail out of the conference, the teams currently playing in it, are having a fairly successful start to the season. I don't know what the Big East will look like in a few years(If there is even a Big East) but, as of this moment, the basketball side of things are living up to everyone's expectations.

What's not surprising is that this version of the Power Rankings has the most movement of any of the previous few. More games have been played and more teams have been exposed as phonies. Certain teams that "experts" have been high on are falling apart at the seams. And to be honest, teams I just didn't believe in are showing me how much of an idiot I am.

The Big East's future might not be bright enough for shades but at least for this season it's going to be entertaining. Come with me for a journey to the wonderful world of "The Big East Rankings: Week 2" version of our journey together. Man, Mike Aresco would be so proud of our blind loyalty.

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No. 15- Providence Friars (Last week 12) 3-2


Injuries have run a muck on this squad. The Providence Friars had really high-hopes to start the year but that's all changed. Their best player Vincent Councilis out for an extended period of time and even more of the team's key players are hurt or ineligible. It's going to be a tough month or so for the Friars until Council gets back.

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No. 14- Rutgers Scarlet Knights (Last week 15) 2-1

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights move up a spot in the rankings. Not because they've been overly impressive but because Providence is on the verge of calling you for playing time.

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No. 13- South Florida Bulls (Last week 13) 2-2

South Florida

The South Florida Bulls are falling apart at the seams. They've already lost two games and the high expectations everyone had for this team is looking like it's been thrown out the window.

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No. 12- Seton Hall Pirates (Last week 14) 3-1

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The Seton Hall Pirates are off to a pretty good start. I doubt when conference play begins this will continue. Pretty easy to pick up three victories when your schedule includes kangaroos.

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No. 11- DePaul Blue Demons (Last week 11) 2-1


The DePaul Blue Demons were on of my sneaky teams to watch out for. However, you can't lose to the Gardner Webb Runnin' Bulldogs and expect to be considered a strong team. On a side note, Cleveland Melvin continues to impress, averaging 20 points a game.

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No. 10- St. John's Red Storm (Last week 9) 2-2

 St. John's Red Storm
Andrew Carpenean-US PRESSWIRE

The St. John's Red Storm are off to the races with a 2-2 start. Both their losses came to teams expected to be better than them. However the next two weeks play out will determine how the rest of the Red Storm's season is likely headed.

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No. 9- Connecticut Huskies (Last week 8) 4-1


The Connecticut Huskies are on a roller coaster ride to start the year. Kevin Ollie comes in as an unproven head coach and starts to win big games immediately.

However, UConn's momentum seems to be slipping as of late and need to find depth in their rotation before they run out of gas.

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No. 8- Villanova Wildcats (Last week 10) 3-1


The Villanova Wildcats just got hammered by the Alabama Crimson Tide. They're lucky I don't overreact and rank them lower than this.

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No. 7- Georgetown Hoyas (Last week 6) 3-0

Georgetown Hoyas

The Georgetown Hoyas are coming off a big win against the UCLA Bruins. Up next is the number 1 ranked team in the country. We'll know a lot of the Hoyas by the end of the week.

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No. 6- Marquette Golden Eagles (Last week 5) 2-1

Marquette Golden Eagles
Christopher Hanewickel-US PRESSWIRE

The Marquette Golden Eagles are coming off a loss against the Butler Bulldogs that was determined by a buzzer beater. These things happen and shouldn't really hurt the probable success of the Golden Eagles this year.

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No. 5- Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Last week 4) 3-1

Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are doing what people expected. Despite one early season loss, the Irish have looked pretty good and Jack Cooley is playing above expectations, averaging a double-double a game.

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No. 4- Cincinnati Bearcats (Last week 7) 3-0

Cincinnati Bearcats

Okay, I admit it. I might have been wrong about the Cincinnati Bearcats. Granted they've played nobody of importance yet but they have also destroyed those nobodies with an impressive array of balance and talent.

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No. 3- Pittsburgh Panthers (Last week 3) 4-0

Pittsburgh Panthers

The Pittsburgh Panthers are looking good this year. The Panthers have everyone on their roster getting significant minutes and this will have a great impact come conference play. Next up for them is the 4th ranked team in the country. We'll see how deep the rotation is then.

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No. 2- Syracuse Orange (Last week 2) 2-0

Syracuse Orange
Michael Ivins-US PRESSWIRE

The Syracuse Orange look good, real good. Even if they're only two games into the season the Orange look poised and ready to not leave New York until the end of November. Oh, that's no different from any year?

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No. 1- Louisville Cardinals (Last week 1) 3-0

Louisville Cardinals

The Louisville Cardinals don't have a game of significance until mid-December. Until then I expect them to hold onto the number 1 spot by default. Good for them.