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Story Of North Carolina Central’s Rashawn King Is Inspirational


Rashawn King probably won’t ever play in a Final Four or have a chance to win an NCAA championship as a member of the North Carolina Central Eagles, but King doesn’t need either of those accomplishments.

He has already experienced the success story of a lifetime.

You see, King was supposed to die a little over two years ago. In fact, had his mom not brought him to the hospital on the day she did, he would have been dead within 24 hours.

King, who went to the hospital because he wasn’t feeling right during a summer football camp, discovered he had cancer at the age of 17 and fought like crazy to beat it. He took a lot of pills, endured chemotherapy sessions and simply never gave up on getting better.

He turned 20 on Tuesday and is just waiting for final clearance from the doctors so that he can begin his freshman season with the Eagles.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation had granted him a wish. King’s wish was to meet LeBron James. Ultimately he decided to use the wish on a lunch-party for his classmates however, who had worked hard to help raise money for King’s fight against cancer over the last two years.

In the end, though, King still got to meet James. Make-A-Wish surprised him with a chance to meet the NBA star at the Miami Heat‘s preseason game against the Charlotte Bobcats last week.

It was the thrill of a lifetime for him, but considering what he has been through so early in life, he deserved the moment.

North Carolina Central is fortunate to have someone like King. He obviously has great character and he knows how to fight through adversity.

The hope is that King has a remarkable college basketball career. He certainly deserves it.

And while he probably won’t play in a Final Four or win a national title over the next four years, King has already won something far more important — a second chance at life and the opportunity to make the most of it.


Brian Lester is a featured Big Ten columnist and college basketball writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @BLester1993 or send him an email at