New Mexico Guard Demetrius Walker: Circle of Life

By Anthony Lenahan

Demetrius Walker is a college basketball player for the University of New Mexico.  If you’re a Lobo fan you may know him because you follow the team he’s on, but everyone else knows Walker as the former AAU star.

The current Lobo and the former AAU star was once known to be thought of as the next greatest basketball player.  At the age of 12, Walker was crowned as the next king of the basketball world.  He was a can’t miss prospect that turned into an easy to miss prospect in the blink of an eye.

Walker got too caught up the publicity of his greatness as a kid.  He turned into a cocky person who thought once he was a star he would always be a star and didn’t work to get any better.  The current Lobo went from famous to unknown like it was nothing.

Walker was given a second chance last season when he was able to emerge as a role player for a very good New Mexico team.  He wasn’t playing like the next NBA superstar or living up to his childhood hype, but he was able to be an impact player at the college level.

For the Lobos, Walker played 18 minutes per game and averaged 7.4 points as a sophomore.

Returning to the team as junior this year, Walker is expecting to play more minutes.  He has worked extremely hard during the off-season to get better.

He has changed his mind set to working hard in the off-season to improve his game.  Also he now says that he will do whatever he can to help his team win.

During Walker’s AAU career, he would only care about himself.  He wouldn’t make the extra pass to get a better shot, or he wouldn’t step in and take a charge.  All he cared about was himself.

As sad as it is to see such a great youth talent end up having a career like Walker, it is exciting to see him understanding what he did wrong and fixing it now in college.  He might not be an NBA player now, but he is certainly going to help out a strong New Mexico team this season.


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